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The crafters of life

These lines have shaped your life. From the contour lines of the fields worked, the roads bending around mountains and the ripple from the first drop of long awaited rain. The glowing rings of oak disappearing into the fire pit and the folds of fresh dough in the kitchen. Each unique and etched into your life story, just as the soft lines of age that have shaped your father’s face and hard working hands. These lines guide us, define us, and remind us. They come to life in our blades.

- the ace of blades


Ace of Blades, Artisan Made Damascus Knives, Damascus Blades. Superior Quality Damascus Knives made of Damascus Steel. Available in Fixed Blade, Folding Knives & Pocket Knives, Hunting Knives, Straight Razors. High Quality Damascus Steel Chef Knives. View Our Damascus Steel Blades

who are we?

Homemade & Handcrafted

We are Ace of Blades and just like you, we appreciate the finest craftsmanship for the most rugged terrain. We are here to share a passion for only the sharpest and more beautiful Damascus blades, no bells and hunting whistles, just beautiful and finely crafted blades.

The crafting process of each knife is a humble journey indeed, an experience we hope to share with you. Handcrafted by only the best, we believe each blade tells a story, captures a memory and holds the potential to add to your unique story. Made from only the finest Damascus, Carbon and stainless steel, our knives are perfect for the wild terrain or for the collection in the glass case.

Real Damascus steel


Uniquely Made

Our crafter


We’d like you to visit our crafter, but he’s still busy in the studio. Barbaros is a bit of an enigma, constantly on the verge of doing something wild and adventurous. He moved to Cyprus with his family when he was nine years old, and captivated by the Mediterranean.

Barbaros spent his time in a small studio workshop where you can only make out the horizon, channeling his enthusiasm for pirate tales into enthusiastic craftsmanship of the traditionally favored Damascus knives. We reconnected years later, and what better way to rekindle a relationship than to share a love of a beautiful craft?

The history

Of Damascus

Damascus is a well-known style of steel that is distinguishable by its contrasting marble light and dark design.
br> There are two types of Damascus steel (cast Damascus steel and pattern-welded Damascus steel).  Although similar looking, they are forged through very specific and different processes. Historically, Damascus steel was always prized for its beauty, as well as ability to keep a sharp edge while remaining strong and flexible. Seen as the “Steel of Ancients”, arms made of Damascus steel are superior to those made of iron. Damascus craftsmanship gained a reputation of near magical properties and with only a precious few that knew how to achieve this, it would become a precious piece of history for any arms enthusiast.

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